Foshan YongLiTai Axle Co.,Ltd.


about us

Yonglitai axle CO.,LTD (L1 axle mamufacturering company) is the professional manufacturer of axles, suspensions and spare parts for semi-trailer with more than 50 years producing experiences. Its current annual production ability can reach 150000pcs axles and 50000sets of all kinds of suspensions. Our company has obtained the ISO/TS16949 certificate by SGS.

Add: 12th of ZhenZhong 2th Road, Shiwan District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province,the P.R of China Sanshui Address: Guangdong Province Foshan Sanshui Leping Industrial Zone No. 1 Innovation Road

0757-88311380 0757-88311322
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